What an Unplanned Home Birth Looks Like! (Muskoka Birth Story Series)

Muskoka Mama, Brittney Millar kindly offered to share the birth stories of her three babes. Two home births and a hospital birth. Thank you so much for sharing, Brittney!

The Birth of Lucy Ellen

Started at 5:30 am like menstral cramps, an hour later they turned more into a light contractions and were 9 minutes apart and stayed that way until 3:30pm.

My midwife arrived and I was 2 cm dilated when they did a stretch and sweep and after that my contractions went to 2-4 mins apart and got much stronger.  Continue reading “What an Unplanned Home Birth Looks Like! (Muskoka Birth Story Series)”

Why You Need Breastfeeding Portraits Taken

Persistence. Determination. Strength.

That’s what it can take for some mothers to overcome their struggles with breastfeeding. I was one of them. It took my daughter and I fourteen weeks to get to a point where we were cohesive and when I stopped feeling like a failure.  Continue reading “Why You Need Breastfeeding Portraits Taken”

Tree Museum, Gravenhurst – Severn’s First Hike

It felt SO GOOD to take my camera out today! Since I graduated my 2-year photography program in June, gave birth to Severn in July and have been busy being a new mom, I haven’t really had a chance to use my camera.

We took Severn Fawn on her first official hike today at The Tree Museum in Gravenhurst, Muskoka. It’s a really neat place with outdoor art installations and sculptures scattered throughout the trail. Continue reading “Tree Museum, Gravenhurst – Severn’s First Hike”