No one ever says how hard breastfeeding is. I will photograph this milestone with your baby to show the bond that has been created, so you can look back at the persistence, determination and strength it took you to get to a place where you and your baby are breastfeeding champions!

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It took my daughter and I fourteen weeks to finally be comfortable with breastfeeding! Instead of thinking about the pain and discomfort that I went through, I now look at the sweet things my daughter does like look into my eyes while feeding or touch my face with her hand for comfort.

I will come to your home to take some lightly posed – but mostly candid – photographs of you and your babe.

Breastfeeding/Postpartum/Day-in-the-life Session Includes:

  • In-person consultation to get acquainted and go over my photography services
  • 1-2 hour photo shoot
  • Documentary-style capturing real moments between mom and babe
  • 20 digital, high resolution professionally edited images


Package starts at $450

Believe me, I know it is a lot of sacrifice that Moms go through those first years, but watching the connection and love when my daughters were breastfeeding with my wife: it seemed like it was the moment of purity that recharged her batteries for another long night. Those moments are worth remembering, so share them with pride. – Mark Baldwin