The Last Child in the Woods

This project is about The Last Child in the Woods. The kind of childhood where a kid can play outside unsupervised to build forts, hunt squirrels, split wood and make maple syrup is slowly disappearing with the rise of “helicopter parenting.” Not having a parent pay extremely close attention to a child’s experiences allows a kid to have the freedom and independence to explore.

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Medium is the Message Project

My final project for school. I had to create an image from a list of categories to print in a different medium. I shot a kitchen so I decided to print it on a bamboo cutting board. I thought that since so much of the kitchen’s components are wood, it made sense to print it on wood.

I have a few outtakes from this project as well.

Mars & Venus Project

I created two thought-provoking images that challenge gender stereotypes in media and society in the form of product (for Mars) and portrait (for Venus).

I think it so important to teach children about gender equality at a young age so that they grow up to be accepting and compassionate. Not only would they be sensitive to gender stereotypes, but they might also have a little fire burning inside them to help challenge the status quo.

There are two young people in my life that are rocking the challenge of gender stereotypes. I know it comes from their wonderful parents who make an effort to teach their kids to be accepting and that there’s no right or wrong, or that we don’t all have to fit into these boxes that society has created for us.

The first portrait is of a brother and his little sister. Big brother is nurturing and caring toward his sister. Boys and men are often told not to show emotion and to act strong. I see so much strength in this image of a young boy who is confident and encouraged to be helpful, stereotypes aside. Being in the kitchen which has long been though of as a “women’s place” is another aspect of challenging gender stereotypes.

The second image is of a young girl who enjoys hunting and target practice. Hunting has long been thought of as a man’s sport, but this girl loves shooting her bow and being just like her big brother. She plays with dolls and bows. She is allowed to play with any toys that she wants, they don’t have to be dressed in pink and girly. I think this type of open play teaches her to be strong and confident in anything she does. There’s no ‘his’ or ‘hers’ when it comes to entertaining herself, just the enjoyment of playing.



Video Killed the Radio Star Project

Another awesome school project! I had to create new album artwork for an assigned album by my instructor. I had to reflect on the genre of music, the decade it was made and the tone of the album.

I had to include: album name, artist name, track list, label, applicable logos, any credits, musician list and copyrights.

The album is completely instrumental so I really had to listen to the music to come up with an idea for new album artwork. There were moments during some of the tracks where the off notes of the music made me cringe a little, and that’s where I came up with the idea of nail scratching on a chalkboard. There are also a lot of instruments on the album and with the intensity of the music, I really wanted my images to show a lot of noise, so I shot them at ISO 6400 and brought up the detail and noise when editing.



‘What’s on the Cover?’ Photography Project

Another fun school project! I had to create my own magazine cover including all necessary text including:

  • Masthead
  • Selling line
  • Dateline
  • Main image
  • Main cover line
  • Cover lines (3)
  • Left third
  • Bar code

The theme for my magazine is ‘The Canadian Outdoors’, which is also the title. What is more Canadian than having a winter campfire at night surrounded by cedar trees? Shooting at night can be tricky if you aren’t using a flash and have moving subjects, so I had to make sure my models kept still for the duration of my exposure. I love the effect of the sparks from the fire going up the middle of the magazine cover, and the glow from the fire adds warmth to a cold season.

I have a few outtakes from the photo shoot as well. There’s some blurred motion and fire blocking heads, by the time I figured out how to position everyone, I got the shot on the cover.

Monochromatic Photography Project

This was such a fun project! When I found out that I had to put together a monochromatic image, I knew exactly what I was going to do. Isn’t there a saying about a dog and it’s owner looking alike?

I have taken photographs of my husband and dog, Banjo, before and knew that the tones of brown would work really well for both of them. It was so fun to have Banjo in the studio as well. She was super well behaved and has had her photograph taken many times, so she’s good at posing.

Here are some outtakes from the session which I like the most!

Star Trail Photography

Shooting star trails has been high on my list of photography-related things to try. I could never really wrap my head around setting my camera to bulb and leaving my shutter open for a length of time (long enough to record star trails). I tried the intervalometer method and did most of the work in Photoshop.

The first composition I tried, I set my intervalometer so there was a slight delay between photographs which created a really neat dotted effect across the sky.

Once I uploaded all of the images as layers in Photoshop, I changed the blend mode to Screen on each layer. I went layer by layer so that I could use a layer mask to conceal the airplane lines in the sky (there were lots).

I only shot each composition for about 15-20 minutes and used a 50mm prime lens. Next time I’d love to try a wide angle lens and allow myself plenty of time to record longer trails in the sky.

Not bad for my first try.

Humans and Technology Project

My idea for this project was to show how technology is draining the life out of humans. It’s a very simple concept and composition. We’re all addicted to screens and most of the time you can find us sitting on the couch wasting hours of our lives scrolling and searching the internet.

Essentially I think the life is being drained out of us. We have this blank stare toward the screen, are distracted from what is going on around us and are burning our eyes from the blue glow.

This first image is of a typical scene of someone using technology.

In the next image, you can see the person is starting to fade becoming transparent. Again, it’s another typical scene of someone spending their time in front of a screen.

In the third image the person is becoming even more transparent. More life is being drained from him because of technology and our addiction to it.

In the fourth image you can see that this person is almost lifeless. They’re just barely with us. Could be because they’ve spend the past 5 hours in front of the screen, or perhaps it is the amount of time they’re using it on a daily basis. Maybe they’re wasting time on social media. All of those scenarios are a contributor to life being drained from our bodies.

In the final image you can see that life has been completely drained from the person. They’re nowhere to be found and in the end the lifespan of a computer or technology far surpasses the life expectancy of humans. That is because of the way data is stored and mostly because of the materials used to make objects like computers. Some of the items are toxic, hard metals and plastic that will never break down. It is what the computer is made of that also contributes to draining life from humans.

The Night Portrait

I had to apply everything I know about lighting, mixing ambient light and flash units on location. This photo shoot was challenging at first until I figured out how to bring in the ambient light. It was 8:00 pm so it was very dark outside.

I was really excited about this assignment because I knew I could do something cool. My idea was to do it near a train bridge in town, but then I thought about the waterfall. When I arrived on location I had no idea that it would be lit up! I knew there were coloured strands of lights on the bridge, but the colourful waterfall was an added bonus.

My intention was to photograph only my husband for this assignment and I dressed him accordingly. I had thought about the pose I wanted him to do, and knew it would work perfectly with the weir. What I find amazing about this photo shoot is the amount of colour. It’s like a rainbow but it’s completely dark out! I absolutely love colour!

My husband is a perfect model.

Having my parents up for a visit was an added bonus. My mother is such a beautiful woman, that I was really excited to make an amazing portrait of her. I’m really proud of it because it’s a unique and special portrait all for my mother.

My beautiful mother.

I had to wait a few times until the waterfall was just right colour and when it finally turned orange I took the portrait of my parents because I think it matches my dad’s sweater. Again, I’m so proud of these images because I know they are unique. Makes me happy to have these special portraits for my parents and of my parents.

The Bearded Woodsman | Nature Portrait

I was so excited when my first assignment for Creative Lighting was a nature portrait. I knew my husband and dog would be excellent subjects!
I had this idea of portraying a bearded woodsman in the forest, but when I found this location I loved the texture and colour of the rocks. It had rained all day, and the cloud broke just long enough for this photo shoot. I loved using a Profoto B1 speed light and umbrella to balance with the ambient light.

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