Star Trail Photography

Shooting star trails has been high on my list of photography-related things to try. I could never really wrap my head around setting my camera to bulb and leaving my shutter open for a length of time (long enough to record star trails). I tried the intervalometer method and did most of the work in Photoshop.

The first composition I tried, I set my intervalometer so there was a slight delay between photographs which created a really neat dotted effect across the sky.

Once I uploaded all of the images as layers in Photoshop, I changed the blend mode to Screen on each layer. I went layer by layer so that I could use a layer mask to conceal the airplane lines in the sky (there were lots).

I only shot each composition for about 15-20 minutes and used a 50mm prime lens. Next time I’d love to try a wide angle lens and allow myself plenty of time to record longer trails in the sky.

Not bad for my first try.

First Snowfall in Bracebridge

I went to a friend’s house in Muskoka last night for dinner and by the time I left the snow was coming down pretty good. It was so beautiful last night. I could have taken many pictures but the snow was blowing and it would have been hard to get a good one because a long exposure was needed.

When I got up in the wee hours of the morning to go to the loo, I glanced outside and the snow had stopped and we received a substantial amount for what I consider, the first snowfall of the season. Back into my warm bed I tossed and turned for an hour or so knowing that I should be out making photographs.

You know when you’re laying in bed and you’re struggling to get up and there’s a point where you all of a sudden jump out? That’s what I did. I got dressed, grabbed my camera and tripod and explained to my husband what I was doing at that time in the morning (a Sunday morning at that).

There really was only one spot I wanted to go because it wasn’t even 6:00am when I left the house and I just wanted to snap a few, not make a morning of it. The Bracebridge falls are lit up right now, and with the reflection of the fresh fallen snow it was beautiful!

The dam building and the falls were constantly changing colour because of the lights, so I’d wait to try and get a few of the different colours.

So beautiful! I tried to get a shot without the weir, but I didn’t want to back up any further because I’d fall in. Sorry for the water spots. The water is rushing through here like crazy and the mist is unavoidable.

It’s hard to step away from this shot of the falls, but I looked around and saw a few other cool pictures.

See the line of blue and red light on the road? The snowplows were everywhere!

I had to take a few more of the building because covered in snow, it was stunning!

And… my favourite shot of the morning.

It’s so hard to get up this early and go from a warm, cozy bed out into the cold, but most times it’s totally worth it!