Muskoka Mama, Brittney Millar kindly offered to share the birth stories of her three babes. Two home births and a hospital birth. Thank you so much for sharing, Brittney!

The Birth of Lucy Ellen

Started at 5:30 am like menstral cramps, an hour later they turned more into a light contractions and were 9 minutes apart and stayed that way until 3:30pm.

My midwife arrived and I was 2 cm dilated when they did a stretch and sweep and after that my contractions went to 2-4 mins apart and got much stronger. 

My friend Sarah came over and started writing them down at about 5:30 and they were from a minute apart to 3 minutes apart. She texted my midwife to update her. They showed up at 7:30pm and at 8:00pm I was 5 cm.

She convinced me to go to the bath tub to try and see if it would help with the pain (it didn’t! Lol) but that’s where I stayed because I didn’t want to get back up! They gave me nitrous oxide to help with the contractions, but it only really distracted me more than helping with the pain.

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At about 9:30pm I said that my body was starting to push during contractions so my midwife checked me and said I was 8 cm and we better go to the hospital right then if we were still going. So they loaded up the car and everything and I decided that I couldn’t go and that I felt like I wouldn’t make it. So everyone got ready for a home birth!

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At 10:44pm Lucy Ellen was born (8lbs even)! And my midwife said that I probably would have made it to the hospital but would have had her in the entrance!

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The Birth of Bowden

Thursday, January 19 (41+5):I didn’t have anything going on in the morning so after getting back from taking Lucy to preschool I took a dose of castor oil at 10:00am. Waited for the apparent flush of my body and NOTHING! So took a second dose, the rest of the little bottle, at 12:45pm. And still nothing (or nothing that the oil was supposed to do).

Had some contractions starting around early afternoon, about 5 or so minutes apart but very light. ChaCha came over, Aunt Danielle stopped by, Daddy came home, Sarah came over and told our midwife what was going on.

Daddy started setting up the pool (with little helper Lucy). The contractions weren’t getting any stronger and then started to dwindle and were further and further apart. Our midwife called around 8:15pm to check in, and I told her that it was probably a false alarm because the last contractions were 14 minutes apart. She said that she was going to go to bed just incase and to keep her updated if anything changes, otherwise we were to meet her at Soldiers Memorial Hospital at 8:00am to start an induction.

After I got off the phone, Sarah said ‘let’s go for a walk’ but it wasn’t a good option seeing the roads were so icy. So she said ‘let’s go do lunges up the stairs!’ So that’s what I did, for about 15 or so minutes (taking breaks), I did lunges up the stairs and it worked!!!

Contractions started picking up and getting closer together. I sat at the kitchen table with Sarah and chatted and she said to tell her every time I had a contraction, they were getting so close together so fast that she almost didn’t believe me. So I went up to have a bath to see if it changed or not. It didn’t!

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They were getting really strong and about 3 or 4 minutes apart. So I texted our midwife at around 10:15 or 10:30pm to let her know (she probably thought I was crazy!). Our midwife got here at 11:15pm and by then I wasn’t talking through contractions anymore. Not long after, her student midwife showed up.

At around 12:30am I was at around 5/6cm dilated and at that point I got in the tub, super disappointed that I wasn’t further along but super uncomfortable and the contractions were on top of each other so needed a change. Things stayed the same in the tub, contraction after contraction, daddy held my hands and rubbed my back.

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Not long after getting in the tub, my body started pushing on its own. When the baby was crowning, our midwife signalled Daddy to come around, so he dropped my hands (which ticked mommy off) but ChaCha and Aunt Danielle picked up the slack and went to help catch you (Bowden)! After only  about 5 minutes of pushing and only 54 minutes since being told I was at a 5/6 cm dilated, you were born! A sweet, healthy, bruised faced little BOY! Bowden John was born at 1:31am 9lbs 3oz.

Cobi Photography, Muskoka Birth Photographer, Birth Photography, Home birth, birthing pool, muskoka home birth, muskoka midwives, newborn
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Cobi Photography, Muskoka Birth Photographer, Birth Photography, Home birth, birthing pool, muskoka home birth, muskoka midwives
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Cobi Photography, Muskoka Birth Photographer, Birth Photography, Home birth, birthing pool, muskoka home birth, muskoka midwives, dad skin on skin, dad skin-on-skin, skin-on-skin, skin on skin
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The Birth of Colson Michael

Monday Nov. 26 – went for ultrasound to make sure everything looked good and it did. I got to see your squishy face!

Thursday Nov. 29 – had non-stress test done. Passed!

Friday Nov. 30 – tried to get things going. Took a dose of castor oil in the morning and it didn’t do anything so took another a few hours later and it got my body moving but didn’t start any contractions. I also tried pumping throughout the day and tried lunges up the stairs off and on. I’d get some contractions here and there but nothing would stay.

Saturday Dec. 1 – we got up early and headed to the hospital to meet our midwife at 8:30am for an induction. When we got there, they hooked me up to do another non-stress test and during that half hour the baby did great and passed but I was also having regular mild contractions every 8 minutes.

Our midwife explained that because I was contracting on my own at that point, they wouldn’t start an induction because it could make labour go crazy. So our plan was to leave the hospital and see how it went. Well the contractions pretty well just stopped as soon as we left.

We went out to breakfast to see if we should stay closer to the hospital or go home. We came home after breakfast because I wasn’t having anymore contractions. Again I was pumping and doing lunges up the stairs and still the contractions would come while I was doing it but stop when I stopped.
Our midwife came over and popped my water at 1:00pm. The fluid kept pouring out every so often. We waited and still nothing was happening. Our plan was to head back to the hospital after dinner if nothing picked up.
At 5:30pm we headed back to the hospital. By 7:00pm I was hooked up to oxytocin and they were raising the dose by one every half an hour. We texted Sarah to head down as the weather was starting to get bad. We also texted the grandmas to let them know what was going on but they started to head down at the same time!
By the time we got to 6 with the oxytocin, I was not wanting it to go any higher! I went to the washroom and came back and she put it to 7. They were getting tougher. All of a sudden during one tough contraction the baby’s heart rate dropped to 70, then 60 and then it was GONE! The nurse watched the screen for a couple seconds, then she got up and tried moving the heart monitor around on my belly, she wasn’t getting anything. She pushed the button and our midwife and two other nurses came in.
One threw an oxygen mask on me and they were still trying to find the heart beat. I was tearing up and in my mind I was preparing for them to say we were going for a C-section. Shane said later that he got up and was just about to yell ‘why isn’t anyone telling us what is going on!’ Finally, after what seemed like forever, but was probably only around a minute, the heart beat was there! They called the doctor and he advised them to turn the oxytocin off for half an hour and then start it again but maxing out at 4. I was still contracting regularly when it was turned off.
Every contraction after that, as I was coming out of it, I would check the heart rate. It would drop a bit but never was so low or gone again! They were getting pretty intense. We made it passed midnight, which meant that our baby was 42 weeks! My third but longest pregnancy.
Cobi Photography, Muskoka Birth Photographer, Birth Photography, Home birth, birthing pool, muskoka home birth, muskoka midwives
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Shane had a fuzzy warm sweater on, I would stick my face in his arm and squeeze his hand, eventually I asked him to take it off because I was too hot! He was glad because he was hot too!
I finally asked if it was too late for an epidural, I knew the answer but wanted it so bad at that point. The contractions were right on top of each other. Our midwife checked me and she said the baby’s head wasn’t in a good position so was trying to help it, I was crawling up the bed and begging her to get out!
The baby started descending and it was the most painful birth of mine, our midwife said it may have been tougher because the fluid was already gone. At 1:19am on December 2, we had another baby BOY! Colson Michael was perfect and healthy at 8lbs 7oz and 22″.

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