Persistence. Determination. Strength.

That’s what it can take for some mothers to overcome their struggles with breastfeeding. I was one of them. It took my daughter and I fourteen weeks to get to a point where we were cohesive and when I stopped feeling like a failure. 

I couldn’t understand why my daughter and I couldn’t do any of the textbook breastfeeding positions, until I learned that those textbook positions only represent about 10% of women.

A visit down to see Dr. Newman at the International Breastfeeding Clinic was a game changer! My daughter and I now breastfeed laying down (sigh.. so awesome) and the cross-cradle hold, and now that her head is a lot stronger at 6 months, she’s just happy to be in any position. I think it only gets easier.

A friend of mine mentioned that she was interested in having breastfeeding portraits done with her son. I jumped at the opportunity. Because really, capturing this shows the bond created between mama and babe, and it’s a milestone in motherhood to show the hard work, persistence, and overcoming self doubt. I really like that word, persistence.

He is her second baby so things were definitely a lot easier, but what I really wanted to capture for this mama were the candidness, rawness and natural act of feeding her baby even though I was there. She mentioned in an email to me that she was “non-chalant” about the whole thing and how that supported the natural setting/a day in the life of a breastfeeding mom concept!

It’s true. I just showed up and caught a moment when mom had to feed her babe and this is what I was able to capture. His little hand touching mama’s face. So sweet, right?! His playfulness even during the business of feeding. I can’t tell you how many times I tell my baby to “focus on the task at hand!” because she’s giggling, smiling and cooing. Heart-melting.

It’s also about capturing one of the most natural acts in the world – feeding your baby. We need to continue to normalize breastfeeding by showing photographs of mamas doing it, and by feeding our babies in public (maybe an idea for another project). I am thankful for the openness of this mama to show how breastfeeding is normalized in her life. But also for just capturing the two of them being together. Now she has these images to look back on of this moment in their life.

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