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A Hike at Petroglyphs Provincial Park

A few weeks ago we made plans to meet up with a great friend. I really love Petroglyphs Provincial Park this time of year, but to be honest, my favourite is during winter.

Petroglyphs Provincial Park

Unfortunately, the building in which the petroglyphs are located is only open seasonally so we couldn’t visit them, but just being in the park makes up for missing the open season. There’s a feeling to this place.

Hiking with baby in park,

We followed the road into the park and enjoyed the wonderful warm colours of autumn along our walk.

Maple trees get a lot of buzz during autumn, but for me the magic happens after their leaves fall and what is left are rusty oaks and golden tamaracks.

We walked to McGuiness Lake, a dead lake in the park that has a beautiful greenish colour to it.

And then we had to turn around and walk back out.

I always enjoy visiting the park when we’re back visiting family. It was really nice to get out and take Severn there. I’m excited for when she can explore it herself.

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