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Video Killed the Radio Star Project

Another awesome school project! I had to create new album artwork for an assigned album by my instructor. I had to reflect on the genre of music, the decade it was made and the tone of the album.

I had to include: album name, artist name, track list, label, applicable logos, any credits, musician list and copyrights.

The album is completely instrumental so I really had to listen to the music to come up with an idea for new album artwork. There were moments during some of the tracks where the off notes of the music made me cringe a little, and that’s where I came up with the idea of nail scratching on a chalkboard. There are also a lot of instruments on the album and with the intensity of the music, I really wanted my images to show a lot of noise, so I shot them at ISO 6400 and brought up the detail and noise when editing.



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