Why photograph your birth?

If you’re like me, you don’t really remember the birth of your first baby. My daughter, Severn, decidedFirst born baby, newborn, infant, hospital birth, birth, baby. to enter the world through a beautiful belly birth (c-section). This meant that her birth happened rather quickly and I didn’t have time to process everything that was happening.

I didn’t see my husband in the lead up to her arrival until he entered the operating room. I was also on a bed that I couldn’t move from so I didn’t really see my husband cut her umbilical cord, or his expression when he first laid eyes on her. It wasn’t until the medications wore off a couple of hours later, that I could be fully present in the moment after my baby was born. I’m so thankful to have photographs of my baby’s birth so that I can reflect and piece together the most incredible moment of my life.

I want to photograph your birth story. I want to document every moment from your labour, your strength, and your super powers; to capturing you and your loved one’s emotions as your special baby enters into the world and takes a first breath. I want to document the amazing bond that happens between mama and babe during Golden Hour. It would be an incredible gift to yourself.

I’m an award-winning professional photographer, with a diploma in Digital Photography and Imaging from Muskoka who is passionate about photographing your birth story. I want to tell the unique journey of your child’s entrance into this world.