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Most mamas wish they could relive the birth of their baby. I will photograph this once-in-a-lifetime happening, so you can focus on the most important day of your life.

There’s nothing better than the moment you meet your baby for the first time.

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If you’re like me, you don’t really remember the birth of your first baby. My daughter, Severn, decided to enter the world through a beautiful belly birth (c-section). This meant that her birth happened rather quickly and I didn’t have time to process everything that was happening.

I want to photograph your birth story.
I want to document every moment from your labour, your strength, and your super powers; to capturing you and your loved one’s emotions as your special baby enters into the world and takes a first breath. I want to document the amazing bond that happens between mama and babe during Golden Hour. It would be an incredible gift to yourself.

I’m an award-winning professional photographer from Muskoka, with a diploma in Digital Photography and Imaging who is passionate about photographing your birth story. I want to tell the unique journey of your child’s entrance into this world.



I recently attended a one day photography workshop in Algonquin Park with Cobi of Waboose Adventures. I learned more about photography in that one day workshop than I have in years of being in a photography club. The day was well planned. Cobi walked us through some excellent and easy to follow written materials which explained aperture, shutter speed, and ISO among other things. She then had us try a few simple exercises and was very patient and helpful. In the afternoon we went hiking and photographing along the way and again Cobi was very interesting and helpful. Not only did I learn more about how to use the camera but I also learned more about good design. I highly recommend Cobi to anyone interested in improving their photographic skills and I look forward to attending other workshops that she puts on.

Cathy Craig

Muskoka Birth Photographer, Birth Photography Muskoka

My son and I had a wonderful experience with Cobi. Her calm, professional, reassuring and relaxed approach allowed us to be photographed during a perfectly natural and typical breastfeeding session. I am extremely pleased with the entire experience, and most importantly, with the beautiful images she captured of these fleeting moments; images which I will cherish for years to come. Thanks Cobi!

Annique Maheu